Welcome to the website of medical specialist Henrik Nielsen, MD.

You can easily book an appointment here on the website. On the front page, click on “Lægevejen” on the left hand side.

Henrik Nielsen speaks English and his CV includes:

Matriculated at the Faculty of Medical Sciences (Lægevidenskabelige Fakultet), Aarhus University, 1979
A 6-month research position at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, 1986
Aarhus University’s Gold Medal, 1987
Medical graduate, Aarhus University, 1988
PhD (lic.med.), Aarhus University, 1992
MD (Dr.med.), Aarhus University, 1993
Cardiologist (heart and cardiovascular diseases),
Rigshospitalet (5½ years) and Gentofte Hospital (1½ years), 1993-2000
Cardiology specialist (2000) and internal medicine specialist (2001)
Senior hospital physician at Hillerød Sygehus (Hillerød Hospital), Cardiology, 2001-2010
Ongoing supplementary training
No ties to pharmaceutical companies (The Pharmaceutical Law/Apotekerlovens §3, 2)
No stocks in pharmaceutical companies or medical technology companies

The clinic is included in the general agreement between RLTN (The Regions’ Salary and Rate Commission) and FAPS (The Association of Specialist Doctors) regarding access to specialist doctors.
If you are in health insurance group 1, the treatments and examinations are free of charge for the patient, however you will need a referral from your own doctor to book an appointment.
If you are in health insurance group 2 (or not in any health insurance group) you can book an appointment without a referral, however you must expect to be invoiced.

Examinations and treatment
At the first consultation, a relevant course of examination is instigated. Most often, one or more of these examinations will take place during the first consultation. Typical examinations for investigating known or suspected heart or cardiovascular conditions at the clinic may include:


The clinic is a supporting member of Transparency International


Henrik Nielsen has no affiliation with pharmaceutical companies (The Pharmaceutical Law/Apotekerlovens §3, 2)
Henrik Nielsen has no stocks in pharmaceutical companies or medical technology companies
Henrik Nielsen is affiliated with the Danish Medicines Agency, Medicines Licensing and Availabil-ity
Henrik Nielsen has a seat on the Accreditation Board in relation to the Danish Quality Model (DDKM).

The clinic has, as 1 out of 44 specialist medical practices, signed up as a participant in the pilot tests of the Danish Quality Model for specialist medical practice. On the basis of the work and an external survey, the Clinic was fully accredited in May, 2014.

Oversight from the Danish Health Authority
Private hospitals, clinics and medical practices must now publish the Danish Health Authority’s report on the latest inspection and make it easy to inspect on both the website and on the premises. The final conclusion of the latest inspection is quoted below (translated from the original Danish):
“Final conclusion
The Danish Health Authority has, following an inspection on 4 December 2014, concluded that the clinic meets the requirements. The Danish Health Authority has no further remarks on the inspection of the clinic.”
The full report can be found here

Patient rights
Information about patient rights in the Danish healthcare system, including the options available for reporting unintended incidents, can be found at

Information sources

You can find sources of information on heart and cardiovascular diseases on the Heart Association’s (Hjerteforeningens) website